Moore Latin America introduces a new member firm in Guatemala

Moore Latin America introduces a new member firm in Guatemala

Diaz Reyes & Asociados is a firm of accountants and auditors with more than 35 years of experience and 75 people on staff. One of the partners was until 2016 Dean of the Faculty of Audit and Finance in Guatemala and former Vice Minister of Finance of the country, two partners are members of the AIC and experts in IFRS, and the firm is one of the 6 national firms cataloged in the Superintendency of Banks to audit financial entities.
The structure of the firm is divided into 4 departments: Audit, Consulting and Information Systems, Accounting and Financial Services and Human Resources and Recruitment.

Brief review of the 4 partners:

Lic. Marco Livio Díaz Reyes: He has based his expertise on Tax matters. He has been a member of the Fiscal Commission of the Guatemalan Institute of Public Accountants and Auditors for several years and a member of the Tax Studies Centre. As a member of the Inter-American Accounting Association, he has chaired several congresses such as the Regional Seminar and now the Inter-American Summit to be held in 2018. As a member of the Association of Public Accountants and Auditors of Guatemala he was President of the Court of Honour during the 2012-2014 period. Within his teaching activities he has directed the Bachelor's and Master's area at the Universities Galileo, Da Vinci and currently at the InterNaciones University. Within the area of ​​community support, through the Club de Leones, he directs the San Juan Sacatepequez Hospital for Undernourished Children.


Lic. Julio Cesar Díaz Reyes: Being a founding partner of the firm, he decided that he would take experience working for a few years in PriceWaterhouse, then he returned to the firm in 1997 and his specialty is administrative-financial consulting. He has extensive experience in corporate valuation and in the creation of financing schemes for large investment projects, dealing with multinational financing organizations (Inter-American Development Bank, Central American Bank for Economic Integration and the like). 


Lic. Melani Díaz Reyes: Administrative partner of the firm. She holds a degree in Business Administration, is a Lawyer and Notary and has a Master's Degree in Administration and Finance. It coordinates the legal area, from where it carries out from the creation of societies, its incorporation into the Guatemalan legal system until its correct registration in the different taxes to which it is affected. She is also the partner that coordinates the entire relationship with the outsourcing clients of the firm.


Lic. Oscar Danilo Díaz Reyes: Specialist in IFRS. It has certifications from both the Inter-American Accounting Association and the Association of Certified Accountants (Acca for its acronym in English). Derived from this knowledge, he has given many talks and seminars on the subject both in the Association of Public Accountants and Auditors, as well as in the Guatemalan Institute of Public Accountants and Auditors, as well as in the Chamber of Commerce of Guatemala. He has been a professor at the Francisco Marroquín and Galileo Universities, in the area of ​​accounting, both at the bachelor's and master's level. He is the international liaison partner of the firm.
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